Tuesday, November 9, 2010

3 Days PC Expo Experience ...

Acting Cool by J . J

Promoting to my friend (kevin) , wahaha ^^
Malays mate are nice also, Yeah we are malaysian with our moral culture.

My fairmates and the black shirt is our tauke...

This Pc expo make me learn a lot of promotion skill and the stuff of the CPU , at least i will not stammer in front of the customer and expertise ^^ Somemore i know a lot of Fairmates there and all so friendly to me. Maybe there are some competitiveness between each other, but its a good lesson to me... I love it , its challenging ^^ Anyway , i got the better sales than i expected and got extra money for my christmas trip, its already good enough to me. I sure will join them one more time !!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Spec Trip in Sunway

Wow, if i got money, i will buy myself a "Edhardy" spec, its very fashionable and ragged... But its very expansive for me - RM920. That day, actually is zaZa wanna get a new spec for herself because her old spec look nerd. When we stroll around the ground floor, a lot of new shops opened. I feel sunway is better than midvalley and other shopping complexes. Find a suitable and nice spec really a hard work... Nowadays spec is not a cheap thing anymore, all at least Rm400 around.. Sigh ... Less Crap please....

zaZa finally get a nice spec and i feel is very suit to her look also... haha... really Leng Lui after wear it... SEE SEE SEE ....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Future ...

Everytime i look at this picture , i feel happiness in my life suddenly.
Its seem like i already fill with full of spirit and try to fly as high as i can.
Try to get what i want.
Still a lot of things i not yet exprience.
Still a lot of answer waiting for me to find out and understand.
Is it part of my life? But its challenging and unpredictable.
I love it, i like it. But i don't want be alone to suffice all these, i want someone come along with me.
Because when i want to share my sadness , my happiness and all of my happening in my life.
Thats call life , thats call future ... Maybe is very vague and sometime will lost, Don give up!So now, DO IT !!!

Gotta GO !!! Buuuuuuuuuu

Earn Money is my 1st Objective now !!

A lot of plans will be going on ... No $$ i cant do indulge in my plan >.< HTC DESIRE ... But i Know its not easy to realize it, damn expensive to me. I don't like Iphone, because too many people using it , and not unique at all ,though its function is good.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

This Week... Its a special week for me

Well , no outing , no meeting with zaZa , freaking boring at home only. Just watch some movie and read something. During the time , my mind suddenly appear a question. Its keep asking me , do i feel lonely when my family no more bother me , no more contact me. I feeling sad and depressed. Somemore the wednesday is mooncake festival. All my frens and zaZa got thier outing , i just stay at home , i SUPER envy them that they have thier programme on that day , i just stay at home watch the "zhat sing zi lui" , especially is last episode. I feel more depressed and regret of something. Sigh, i feel i owe a lot to my parents, and also owe to zaZa. They help me a lot in everything. Today my mind at least mature than before and i will leave words to them when i go anywhere. BUT not good enough ^^ , i remember my fren's wedding , i make my beloved worry about me , she's not angry me, because she worry about my stomach, she ask me don try to drink much, BUT (facebook) u can see that. Sigh, then second day i broke the promise which is go to CC to find zaZa , thats y she will angry. I feel apologize to her. Because i not good enough. Think back, my daddy , he is the most admirable ppl for me. Because everything he speak out , its very persuasive because of his prestige in our family. Maybe i cannot follow his step and do a same job with him , but everything he teach me , i put in my heart, when i write this part, i cant keeping gulp saliva. BECAUSE until now i cant do anything to pay back him. I got no the capacity of it. I hope i can , I HOPE I CAN !!! I hope he will be always healthy until 100 age. I wait for that day.

zaZa , Daddy , Mom , my 2 brothers ... I hope i can pay back and hope u all have a good life. I DON CARE how suffer in the present and future. Due to all your smile , i feel its worth. ITS TRUE !!! i love you all ^^

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bonanza za za za za MEAL!!!

Hello, long time didnt touch my blog.. almost cover by the spider web ^^
Well, i feel happy about the sushi king meal... we don't know that when is the last day of the bonanza promotion...luckily my fren told me, then i la la lam fast go fetch zaZa out and go the mines there having our bonanza meal as our dinner... WAHAHAHA!!! i feel weird that , why this promotion got the limit which is over 45mins we have to pay original price... is it they wan to make more profit using this promotion =..=' i rmb that other place didnt have this kind of rules...Nevermind, because of this reason we try our best to eat as much as possible.. wahahaha !!! because the high demand of the customer , all sushi is fresh and hot hot hot hot hot... really nice...DELICIOUS lo...

Monday, April 5, 2010

Sakae SuShi trip =..='

Last Last week , zaZa & i went to sakae sushi which located puchong IOI ...
That day we didnt know what to eat , then just sidan choose a place as our dinner lo...
The sushi rice better than sushi king one , and the salmon and maguro is fresh ... zaZa and i just keeping eat the salmon only >.< because not bad...
But in my opinion, Cheras Leisure Mall is better than Puchong IOI ...
but sakae sushi got a very special advantage which other sushi restaurant cannot, they got children set sushi arrrrrrrrrr......